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Students are involved in various on and off campus projects. One current project is in conjunction with the National Weather Service in Memphis and involves the launching of weather balloons for research purposes. While a few of these balloons were launched on clear days, most of the balloons are being launched on potential severe weather days to allow for the comparison with modeled soundings. Additionally, some of the launches have aided in the forecasting of severe weather in the sparse upper-air data region of the Mid South.


Below is the sounding and hodograph from the MS2 Team balloon launch from south of Macon, MS at 18Z on April 29th under a Tornado Watch.


April 29th sounding

April 29th sounding


This year the East Mississippi Chapter had a poster displayed at the 96th AMS Annual Meeting in New Orleans, LA in January 2016. (Pictured: Meagan Massey and Katie Martin)


Below is the sounding from the MS2 Team balloon launch southwest of Tupelo, MS at 18Z on February 2, 2016 under a Tornado Watch.


February 2nd sounding




The largest project of the local chapter is the Annual Southeast Severe Storms Symposium, held every year on the campus of Mississippi State University. For more information on this event please visit our Symposium page.

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